Sunday, February 06, 2011


How much can we really optimize ? All sort of CAD software tell us we can optimize and become more efficient if we use their software. But in real life does it really happen ? How do we factor in all the additional cost and time on training and upgrading of software and hardware ?

Using some of these software is like driving a Lamborghini to do grocery shopping.
I think if your firm is happy and stable with a certain software platform you should just stick to it as long as you can. The unending cycle of upgrading is not optimization


A bad client is a  big waste of time and effort. They will undermine your credibility and waste your talents.
Check your client's background, interview them  thoroughly before contracting to work with them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Design service is very fragmented . It is hard for client to compare 'apple to apple".
Many a time, I lost  potential clients because someone down the street can do  a few dollars cheaper.
Typically client just focus on cost instead of value.
I think the best way to educate a client to see value is to list all the detail services we are going to provide.
For Example:
Instead of saying " Site Visit", we should expand it to :
  • Do I go alone or will I bring a survayor and civil engineer ?
  • How long are we going to spend at the site ?
  • Do I charge for any extra trips ?
Instead of saying " Preliminary Design", we should expand it to :
  • Do I provide  freehand sketch or 3D CAD ?
  • Any cardboard/foam model ?
  • How many hours to be spend on concept design ?
  • What kind of software will be used ? ( show samples of  cheap renderings VS high resolution renderings)
  • Are we providing any preliminary cost estimation ?  

If we explain our service in details, I believe a reasonable  client will see the additional  value  instead of additional cost. But again, trust your gut feeling about a client. Sometimes  it is best to walk away from a project no matter how much the client wants to pay you.