Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Clients

It took a few projects to teach me to stay away from bad clients.
So before signing up any project , I advise you to spend a few minutes, hours or days  talking to your potential clients and get to know them .If you see the following signs you might want  not to work with them.

These are the few bad signs:
1-Bargaining dollars and cents with you right from the beginning.
2-No experience in dealing with architects, contractors or building projects.
3-Unrealistic schedule.
4-Unrealistic budgets.
5-Very high expectation. Expecting perfection,but has no real budget to support it.
6-Cannot really define what they want or expect.
7-Mentally unstable, easily stressed out.
8-Check or call you every 30 minutes.
10-Ask you for discount. Tell you there will be future projects.
11-Bad mouth about other architects.
12-Bad credit ( yes you need to check their credit histroy)
13-Expect you to guarantee the work.
14-Playing good cop and bad cop games with you.
15-Knows someone in City Hall who can expedite things.
17-Don't trust your judgement

If you have any bad client stories , please share.